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Best Internet Service Providers in Laos: ISP Near Me 2021

Which is the best internet provider near me? What is the fastest available internet in my area? Can I check internet providers for my address in Laos? If you are constantly hunted by such queries, you are at the right place to get answers to those questions. Today, we will be providing you detailed information about the best internet providers in Laos, along with the list of all internet service providers (ISPs) or broadband connections in Laos.


Before jumping into the list of broadband connections and ISPs near you in Laos, let’s have a look at the average download and upload net speeds in Laos. According to the Speedtest Global Index, the average download and upload mobile or Wi-Fi internet speed in Laos is 28.64 Mbps and 14.8 Mbps respectively. Similarly, the average broadband download and upload internet speed in Laos are 43.98 Mbps and 40.83 Mbps respectively.

Average Internet Speed of Laos VS Global Average Internet Speed

Average Net Speed Mobile (Download Speed) Mobile (Upload Speed) Fixed Broadband (Download Speed) Fixed Broadband (Upload Speed)
Global Average Internet Speed 53.38 Mbps 12.85 Mbps 102.12 Mbps 54 Mbps
Average Internet speed in Laos 28.64 Mbps 14.8 Mbps 43.98 Mbps 40.83 Mbps

Do You Know!

The Global Fixed Broadband Internet Speed Rank of Laos is 89

The Global Mobile Internet Speed Rank of Laos is 85

List of Internet Service Providers in Laos

The internet providers in Laos are offering Fiber broadband, dial-up internet, narrowband, broadband, Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, 4G mobile internet, Wi-MAX, cable DTH, DSL, Wireless, and dial-up internet services in major cities, and other localities of Laos.

The list of all top internet providers in Laos will help you choose the best and the fastest broadband internet connection, and the reliable, and friendly ISPs in your locality. Compare the download and upload speeds the ISPs are providing, and make your net speed plan.

  1. Lao Telecom Co (LTC)
  2. Enterprise Telecom Lao (ETL)
  3. Star Telecom. Co, Ltd.
  4. Millicom Lao (MLL)
  5. Planet Company Limited
  6. Sky Telecom
  7. Lao Champa Internet Co, Ltd.

How to know the best internet service provider (ISP) in Laos

Before choosing the best internet provider in Laos, you must have knowledge about types of internet connections. Not all broadband internet connections are the same. Each net connection type has certain merits and demerits. Fiber optic internet is by far the most reliable and the fastest internet connection type in Laos, and in the entire world. So, if the internet provider in your area in Laos is offering fiber optic internet, just go for it to experience the best internet connection. In case the ISPs are not providing fiber-optic broadband internet, your next best option is cable internet in Laos.

The net installation cost, pricing, speed, and customer satisfaction are other factors that you have to consider before choosing the internet service provider in Laos. Your work demand, the number of users, and devices at home and in the workplace will determine the internet speed plan. The ultimate goal is to get reliable and fast internet speed at the cheapest price possible in Laos.

My Net Speed Test provides you complete information about the internet service providers in your area in Laos. So, wherever you are staying right now, you can use our ISP directory to get the required information. Likewise, My Net Speed Test also provides you with the easiest and the accurate online tool to check your internet speed, download speed, upload speed, IP address, and other related information in Laos. Just click the button below.

Top 10 Countries with the fastest fixed broadband internet speed

  1. Singapore
  2. South Korea
  3. Hong Kong
  4. Monaco
  5. Romania
  6. Denmark
  7. Thailand
  8. Hungary
  9. Liechtenstein
  10. France

Top 10 Countries with the fastest mobile internet speed

  1. United Arab Emirates
  2. South Korea
  3. Qatar
  4. China
  5. Saudi Arabia
  6. Norway
  7. Australia
  8. Kuwait
  9. Netherlands
  10. Cyprus

My Net Speed Test has an extensive database of Internet providers not only in Laos but also in the entire world. Check out the following list of all the countries and their best internet service providers.

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